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Picket fencing are available in a pointed or curved top and made up of post and rail. Each picket is individually nailed on and avilable in various heights.

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Close board fencing (also known as featherboard fencing) is a strong, solid fence constructed with vertical feather-edge boards, using a rail framework for bays or battens for panels. It can be erected using timber or concrete posts and gravel boards.

Larch Lap 

Larch lap fence panels are a popular budget option made with horizontal slats. They're sometimes called waney lap or overlap, but the different names all refer to the same type of fence panel.

This traditional type of overlapping fence provides privacy to your garden, so it's ideal for boundary fencing. Larch lap panels are available in various heights and can be used with treated timber or concrete posts and gravel boards.

Post and Rail 
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Post and rail is a basic ‘country style’ fence using timber posts and a choice of number of rails. Different styles are available using sawn or rustic timber, made of either softwood or hardwood such as chestnut. Additionally, wire mesh can be attached to deter predators and create a secure area for livestock such as cattle, sheep and horses.